Google and Labster team up to offer VR in classrooms around the world

It’s no news that Labster is working hard on re-imagining education and empowering students around the world with online virtual lab simulations, but last night, at Google IO 2018, it was finally announced that Labster and Google have teamed up, bringing us even closer to this goal.

Watch the presentation of our partnership here:

Together, Labster and Google have partnered to unlock the physical lab requirements in biology courses. Using virtual reality, college and university students around the world will be able to participate in lab experiences on campus or remotely.

As explained in VR Focus: “The Google and Labster technology uses advanced simulations to reflect real-world outcomes and mathematically accurate equations which have been built using the Google Daydream platform. This has advantages for the academic institutions in that the VR simulations are cheaper than the equivalent equipment costs.

Remote students will be able to engage with more courses, meaning that institutions can offer more places to students. The students will also be able to take advantage of lab time when and where they want, for as long as they want – not a privilege available with a real-world physical lab.”

Learn more about Labster VR with Google Daydream here.

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