Maria Homann

June 6, 2018

Labster 2.0 - Experience the new Labster!

Get ready for a new Labster experience! Labster 2.0 looks and feels different, and offers a whole new set of cool features, such as a 360 view, an intelligent drone lab assistant, improved learning pedagogy, higher visual 3D quality, and improved audio and sound effects.

What’s more, going forward, many of the new Labster simulations will be VR compatible. Watch the video at the bottom of the page to get a glimpse of what's to come.

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What’s new in Labster 2.0?

In Labster 2.0, you'll find many new features that make the learning experience even better than before.

Try the 360 free-look mode

Experience the lab in a whole new way with a complete 360 view of your surroundings. The 360 view enables you to look in all directions, making the experience more life-like and immersive than ever before.

Meet Dr. One 

In addition to the Labpad that you’ve previously used for reading assignments, looking up theory, and checking out animations, you’ll now also be accompanied by an AI-assistant in the shape of a drone.

The drone, named Dr. One, follows you around the lab and provides instructions.

Because Dr. One is new in the game, it can’t do everything, but as it learns, it will be able to help you out if you get lost, motivate and engage you throughout the simulation, and even more importantly, celebrate your achievements!

Experience new storylines

In the new Labster simulations, you’ll find even more engaging storylines that will make learning science more fun.

For example, in the beginning of Lab Safety 2.0, you can make a trip to the moon with Dr. One.

Other new 2.0 simulations include, Ideal Gas Law, where you’ll need to put your thermometry knowledge to the test in order to help out with an organ transfer, and Pipetting, where you'll learn to master the technique with hands-on experiments, and use what you learn to help LabsterFood Inc. create a breed of corn that contains enough essential amino acids to fulfill a person's daily requirements.

And these are just some of the new features! Try it now in our Lab Safety 2.0 simulation.

Try Lab Safety 2.0



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How can I access the VR simulations?

All Labster 2.0 simulations can be accessed through your computer. VR compatible simulations can be accessed through your computer and through VR, as soon as the VR app is ready.

To access the latest Labster 2.0 simulations through the computer, just find the simulation in our simulation catalog, and start playing!

Some of the latest Labster 2.0 simulations are:

You will be able to access the VR compatible simulations in our upcoming Labster 2.0 VR app very soon. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get notified when the app is available, and watch a demo below to see a short preview of what's to come.






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