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July 23, 2015

Labster launches iPad app

We are thrilled to announce that Labster has launched our first app for iPad!

Our first in what will be a series of labs for the iPad is our High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) lab. The lab was made in collaboration with Dr. Claudia Wiegand, a professor at the Institute of Biology at the University of Denmark.

In the HPLC Lab students analyze drug stability by comparing drugs that have been stored in different conditions. If improperly stored, drugs degrade faster than what is written in the “best before” date on the packaging. In some parts of the world, the environment can be quite extreme in temperature and/or humidity. This extreme environment can alter drug stability causing active ingredients to degrade at a much faster rate than when a drug is kept at a standard room environment (a 25°C and 50% humidity).

The lab applies these ideas to a real world situation, specifically in the case of drugs used to treat diabetes. Areas that have high incidence of diabetes include South America, Africa and Asia where the environment can be quite extreme (high temperature, high humidity and high UV radiation). Students will learn about the everyday importance of drug stability and how it can affect the efficacy of certain drugs.

Understanding High Performance Liquid Chromatography

In the first part of the exercise, students explore the HPLC machine. They can open various parts of the machine and learn about the different components including the sample injection station, column, pumps and UV detector. By understanding how the machine works, students will be able to understand the principles of liquid chromatography, specifically HPLC.

Students will then select different mobile phases and different columns to run their experiment. They will separate the components of a drug and measure concentrations. They will then compare the separation profile using different mobile phases and columns. During the experiment students will be able to visualize the lipophilic interaction between analyte and both the stationary and mobile phase by watching a 3D animation. Quiz questions throughout the lab check the student’s understanding of the HPLC technique.

Drug stability analysis

After completing the first part of the exercise, students continue to analyze drugs that have been stored in different conditions. Students will measure and compare the active ingredient’s concentration.The HPLC Lab is constructed with specific detail and information that can be beneficial for students pursuing pharmaceutical studies. Additionally, it can be applied to any area of study that uses chromatography techniques such as biology and biochemistry. Chromatography is an important technique used by pharmacists, and drug stability is an important issue that a pharmacist must be aware of. This lab combines the technique and application.

HPLC Video Trailer

Check out our trailer for the lab below!

If you enjoy the lab after you download the app, please leave a review here so other teachers and students can discover the new Labster iPad app!

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