Labster partners with Panama STEM to empower science students in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, Perú

Labster today announces their partnership with Panama STEM, a Central America-based organization that has a wide range of physical and digital educational resources that encourage students to think creatively, reason systematically and unleash their potential to shape their own future.

The partnership is an important part of Labster’s growth strategy, as it will open an optimal pipeline for the Ed Tech company into Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and Perú. The partnership will help both companies reach their mutual goal of empowering students and unleashing their educational potential.

Labster provides an easily accessible way for students from all over the world to experience science. The tech company creates fully interactive advanced virtual lab simulations that use technology from computer gaming and research on the psychology of learning to guide students through real science experiments while keeping them engaged, and learning. The simulations can be accessed anytime, and from anywhere.

Currently, Labster has a bank of more than 64 simulations (and growing), from a basic introduction to acids and bases, to a simulation of using a confocal microscope. Increasingly simulations can be accessed through Virtual Reality headsets to give the student the experience of actually being in the lab.

Students, from high school to university, can access Labster’s simulations for a reasonable monthly subscription. The company has customers at over 150 institutions in 25 countries, including ETH in Zurich, Harvard Medical School, MIT and Imperial College.

Massimo Gentili, head of Channel Partnerships for Labster said: “At Labster, our goal is to provide access to high quality virtual science simulations to as many students as possible, in as many regions as possible. Our partnership with Panama STEM is an effective, viable way for us to reach students all over Central America.”

“Labster is an impressive educational tool that we are very excited to add to the list of repertoire we’re distributing throughout Central America”, said Marvin Castillo, director at Panama STEM. “We are very excited to see the impact our partnership will have in achieving our mutual goal of providing optimal education tools to students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access them, in order to help them reach their full learning potential.”

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