Labster Partners with WisMon to empower science students throughout the Benelux

Labster today announces their partnership with WisMon, a STEM educational institute servicing higher education and high school clients throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The news comes as an exciting follow-up to the announcement that Labster has secured $21m in Series B funding to help further expand throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

Utilizing the company’s solid client base, the partnership with WisMon will enable Labster to supply thousands of students in the Benelux with engaging, affordable science education.

WisMon is a STEM educational institute which focuses on making STEM education more fun and accessible for everyone. This ranges from STEM courses for refugees and creating hybrid jobs that tackle the teacher deficit problem in the Benelux to creating content for leading educational publishers and training teachers to teach new subjects like 21st century skills and computational thinking.

Martin van den Bosch, CEO of WisMon said about the partnership: “The collaboration with Labster perfectly fits with our mission, which is to make STEM education more fun and accessible to everyone. Labster provides students with 24/7 access to a fully equipped million-dollar science lab, in which they can practice countless gamified lab simulations. This truly makes STEM education more fun and accessible!”

Massimo Gentili, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Labster also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “At Labster, our goal is to provide access to high quality virtual science simulations to students all over the world. We do this by providing a scalable and cost effective solution to science education that can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere. WisMon is a solid partner to help us realize our goals and support Labster penetration in the Benelux countries.”

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