Labster Recommends: 11 of our favorite, must-watch TED Talks

TED Talks are a great way to hear new ideas, find inspiration, and challenge your perspective. But there are so many TED Talks available, and covering such a large variety of topics, that it can be hard to know where to start.

So, We asked the Labster team:

What is the most inspirational TED Talk you have ever seen?

Here’s what they said:

1. To This Day…For the Bullied and Beautiful

Shane Koyczan did the most inspiring TED Talk ever! It’s about surviving as a kid and teenager, presented in the most poetic and beautiful way–if parts of this don’t resonate, I don’t know what does.”

-Kathrine Lorentzen, HR Operations Lead

2. Dance vs. Powerpoint, a Modest Proposal



“If you are bored with yet another slide deck and searching for some inspiration on how to nail your presentation, then this is the talk for you to watch.”

-Maria Paszkowska, Marketing Intern

3.The Danger of a Single Story



“This my absolute favorite TED Talk –and it’s one of the 25 most watched TED Talks of all time! It’s about exploring perspective and the dangers of generalization, and how there is no such thing as story with one explanation, or conflict with two distinct sides. It reminds me that there’s always more to every story than what I see or hear about on the surface.”

-Claire Johnson, Marketing Intern

4. How to Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change the World



“This is a great talk showing an example of how very small and simple ideas can evolve, scale up and make a positive impact all around the world. It shows how little it takes to change the world, and will make you feel grateful and encouraged to take action.”

-Maria Paszkowska, Marketing Intern

5.How Great Leaders Inspire Action



“I find it profoundly empowering to realize that what we do doesn’t matter in itself. It’s all about why we do it. That creates a powerful framework where there is no more boring or useless task/action: if we know for certain that it contributes to the bigger picture, it becomes uplifting. I think our simulations do that by always putting techniques into context. By embedding teaching within a story, it helps students connect with the true reason why they are learning science.”

-Emma Durand, Head of Customer Success

6. How to Make Stress Your Friend



“It’s 2018. The word ‘stress’ is ubiquitous, and it’s what most of us blame for our day-to-day shortcomings. Consequently, we put a lot of effort into feeling less stressed (and end up feeling even more so if we fail). Kelly McGonigal proposes a different approach—what if we thought of stress as a good thing?”

-Andra Salcudean, Visual Brand Designer

7. The Surprising Science of Happiness



Very awesome talk about how happiness is synthesized in your brain”

-Philip Wismer, Simulation Director

8. How to Stay Calm When You Know You’ll be Stressed



“One of my favorite TED Talks along with the one below”

-Laura Wirpsza, Education Specialist for North America

 9. The Puzzle of Motivation



“These two TED Talks are some of my favorites. I’ve learned about a lot more motivation and professional building tips for presentations by reading “Talk like TED”. It highlights the top 10-15 most popular TED Talks.”

-Laura Wirpsza, Education Specialist for North America

10. Hans Rosling with BBC: The Joy of Stats



“Hans Rosling’s exciting way of explaining how cool big data and statistics can be applied to explain the development of the world economy. His TED Talks are really cool and engaging, but the BBC video where he presents his data with a ‘live’ graph is just awesome (and sums up his TED Talks)!”

-Charlotte Frederikke Moltke, Customer Success Specialist

11. A Promising Test for Pancreatic Cancer…From a Teenager



Jack shows what a huge impact the hundreds of thousands of young students globally can have in the world, as long as we give them the tools, quality education and the confidence and belief in their ability to change the world – even at a very young age like Jack. It’s a huge motivator for myself every day and inspiration for our hard work at Labster in general.”

-Michael Bodekaer, Co-founder and CTO

12. This Virtual Lab will Revolutionize Science Class



In case you haven’t already seen it, Labster Co-founder Michael Bodekaer’s TED Talk details the vision shared by everyone at Labster for the future of science education, and the mission to empower the next generation of science students that we work toward every day. It’s definitely worth a watch. 

Recommended by: Everyone at Labster!

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