Labster’s TEDx Talk reaches one million views

Today, we are celebrating here at Labster – our TEDx talk has surpassed the 1 million viewer mark on, the official page for ideas worth sharing. Wow! In less than six months, more than one million people have shared in Co-founder Michael Bodekær’s talk on how “(Labster’s) Virtual Lab Will Revolutionize Science Classes”. We are in a happy daze, and are taking this moment to reflect on Labster’s journey so far, and to look towards the vibrant, busy future.

We at Labster are an engaged, collaborative, motivated group – we love coming to work, we support each other’s efforts with an open and trusting spirit, and we are continuously solution-oriented, forever prioritizing the universities and students who are trying to improve the world. This ethos infuses everything that we do, and has supported Labster during our rapid growth over the past few years. Sharing our passion and motivation is the key to the Labster story, and after a few short years, it appears as though the wider world is taking notice.

On this day, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners, collaborators, and clients who have made our growth possible. From Imperial College London and Copenhagen University in our immediate region, to our partners across the USA, Asia and beyond – all of these relationships will help us to forge a better future for science education worldwide.

We would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank our staff – we would be nowhere without their passion and expertise. Our staff is the reason why we have been able to create student-centric, highly engaging virtual laboratory experiences that engage and support our partners as they use our labs to train the next-generation of scientists to solve tomorrow’s biggest challenges. Both our internal relationships and external partnerships are key to our growth and success.

So what’s next? We are not going to sit back on our laurels – there is so much work to do! As Michael said during the presentation, “improving the quality of science education is so vitally important”. These words are core to our vision, and we will continue to use them as we help to build a better future.

Labster’s talk is also featured on TEDx’s top ten list of talks about Revolutionizing Reality 

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Brian Harfe
Dr. Brian Harfe
University of Florida

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