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December 6, 2016

Labster releases 'World of Science' simulation on Google Daydream

Labster is constantly exploring new platforms by which students can access its laboratory simulations, and as a result, we're very pleased to announce the release of our first Google Daydream-compatible virtual reality simulation, Labster: World of Science.

This new simulation, modeled on Labster’s original Lab Safety simulation, continues to incorporate scientific learning in a specific case context, enriched by story-telling elements. The use of the Google VR platform has enabled us to fully immerse the student (or any science enthusiast) in a wet lab that can easily be navigated in with intuitive usage of Daydream’s handheld controller.

The goal of Labster: World of Science is to show users how to knowledgeably and safely use a wet lab. These basic lab skills are the cornerstones of a scientist’s education and will help to provide the foundation for their skill set as they seek to resolve some of the world’s most complicated problems.

At Labster, we are exploring VR simulations as the natural evolution of our virtual lab simulations. We have previously discovered that our virtual labs increase knowledge retention in students by 101%, and early research is indicating that students will be able to achieve even greater knowledge retention in VR simulations. According to Professor Shailey Minocha of the Open University Initiative, “VR promotes inquiry-based learning. When students have had a 360-degree experience, the questions they ask tend to be much more analytical, higher-order questions.” Labster is looking to achieve even greater student results via VR in this new learning space.

The Google Daydream simulation is currently available at no cost on Google Daydream-compatible phones, and can be accessed at the Daydream Play Store here.


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