Labster Amazes Experts Once Again

Labster has been chosen among the top 5 finalist for the grand finale in Amsterdam of the Sanoma startup challenge 2014

Excitement hit the offices of Labster in Copenhagen and in Bali when the announcement of the 5 finalist for the big final Sanoma Startup Challenge event was made.

To continuously have these experts in our field evaluate and put us in the high end of the ranking table of technological startups in the world is a huge encouragement for all of us at the Labster team and it confirms that we are heading in the right direction. It is truly an exciting time for Labster. There are so many things to be done and we are seeing opportunities in our product development and business strategy everywhere. That is why it is important we prioritize correctly and keep the right focus now. Winning the Venture cup challenge and the global Elance startup Competition and now moving into the final 5 in the European Sanoma startup challenge have been a great experiences and we have gained so much technological and strategic advice and invaluable relations to potential investors.

We believe Labster is full of promising potential and that will certainly not change, but it is still nice to have other peers concurring with our dream to empower the next generation of scientists to save the world.

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