Professor using Labster wins faculty award for innovation

What can come out of strong commitment to innovation and smart implementation of new technologies in the classroom?

If you ask Dr. Kambiz Hamadani, Professor in chemistry and biochemistry at California State University, the answer is significant improvement in student success, and recognition of just that in the shape of the Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award.


The award recognizes faculty leaders who have implemented innovative practices that significantly improve student success and is according to CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White given to “world-class CSU faculty” who “demonstrate leadership in their respective fields and incorporate cutting-edge techniques into curriculum.”

Dr. Hamadani has used Labster as a part of his course in General Biochemistry since 2016, and has with the virtual labs been able to engage his students, give them practical experience with concepts and techniques, and helped them solidify their understanding of course content. The use of Labster’s virtual labs played a significant role in his earning of the award.

Kambiz quote

“I’m thoroughly excited by the prospect of developing, applying, and assessing more advanced Labster virtual lab offerings including customizable virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality experiences. I think the sky’s truly the limit and we’ve only just begun to test out our wings with respect to the educational applications of these technologies.” Said Dr. Hamadani about his collaboration with Labster.

According to Katherine Kantardjieff, Dean of CSUSM’s College of Science and Mathematics, Dr. Hamadani has with his course created an academic experience that “instills creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and innovation in students”, and at the same time “prepares them to be productive members of an agile, resilient and inclusive STEM workforce.”

Learn more about how Dr. Hamadani has used Labster to create a unique and innovative learning environment in our webinar on Monday, September 17. Hear how he got started with Labster, how he has incorporated the virtual labs in his course, and ask any questions you may have. Sign up here.