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December 16, 2016

Labster's Reimagine Education Award reflections

2016 has been a motivating and rewarding year for Labster. We have grown by over a third to reach nearly 60 employees, and the number of universities and education providers using Labster's simulations now number over 120 institutions. We now have the structure to make the impact that we have been planning for, and we are executing on our strategy.

One recent event has made us stop in our tracks and really think about our progress this year. Last week, Labster’s LabBuilder initiative was the Overall Winner of the Reimagine Education award, “the global awards for innovative education pedagogies enhancing learning and employability”. We are beyond thrilled with this – the Reimagine Education award precisely aligns with our company and our vision for developing education in the future. This award affirms that we are on the right path to achieving our goals, and it also reaffirms that we are contributing to the constantly evolving educational landscape.

Even though we cannot determine what shape the educational landscape will morph into, we can explore and define technologies that will support education throughout this journey. This is why LabBuilder is so valuable – we are not building a tool that fits into one or another pedagogical structure. Rather, we are building a tool that is usable, sharable, and accessible by everyone interested in science. LabBuilder can quickly become an integrated and core part of developing new educational content for the next generation of students. This thought motivates us at Labster to keep on growing, perfecting and learning to meet the developing needs of tomorrow’s students.

What is LabBuilder?


Labster's LabBuilder enables you to build your own labs and create your own experiments. Labster's LabBuilder enables you to build your own labs and create your own experiments.


The LabBuilder Project is how we see the next stage of empowering the next generations of scientific learners unfolding. LabBuilder will change the way education content is created and used in science teaching throughout the world. Within LabBuilder, teachers and researchers can develop their own 3D virtual lab simulations for both teaching and research, and students can construct laboratory setups to test scientific problems and hypotheses. Our goal is to develop a user-friendly platform where everyone can easily and intuitively drag-and-drop laboratory equipment and start experimenting online. LabBuilder will be cross-platform in design, meaning that users can access LabBuilder in virtual reality, as well as on laptops and mobile platforms. 'LabBuilder' will be the first platform in the world where people can develop their own open, agile, and user-friendly 3D hightech laboratory simulators.

LabBuilder’s product design is focusing on engaging the user, being accessible to everyone, having intuitive controls, while encouraging collaboration and peer to peer learning. Since it will be cross-platform, you can bring LabBuilder with you everywhere. We also intend for LabBuilder to reduce the inequality gap between resourceful and underserved educational institutions by providing equal access for all learners. Even though the future has yet to take shape, we want to empower every science learner, educator, or enthusiast to be a part of it.

Expect to receive a sneak peak around Summer 2017.

About Reimagine Education

Reimagine Education is an annual, Philadelphia-based event, that is co-hosted by Wharton, The SEI Center, and QS (Quacquerelli Symonds). The event is convened on the premise that 'educational theories, practices, and policies have always operated in a state of flux, and have always been subject to critique and development'. The event organizers seek to provide a platform 'whereby academics, educational entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and policy-makes can unite to ensure that the world's tertiary education system is preparing its students for the economy, society, and challenges of the future'.

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