Reimagine Education: Join Labster at the Oscars’ of education!

The Oscars’ of Education, Reimagine Education Conference and Awards, is right around the corner. On November 29-30, you can join all those seeking to shape the future of education in an international competition rewarding innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes & employability.

This year, over 1150 educational innovators from all the world submitted their projects to 17 award categories, and we are very excited to announce that Labster has been shortlisted for the VR/AR category!

Aside from the Reimagine Education Awards ceremony, Labster will also be participating in a few other activities, for which we invite you to join. These include a panel discussion with ASU, Google and Labster, and a workshop on online science courses.

Read on to learn more about our workshop and visit this page for more information on the panel, and to sign up for a Labster demo for a chance to win a VR headset!

Workshop: Online science courses – join Labster to learn why and how

The number of fully online educational programs has risen significantly over the past few years—and with good reason.

These online programs help solve a major challenge facing higher education: Limited access to high quality education for those not able to study a degree via the traditional brick and mortar model.

It is now, more than ever, important that an increasing number of students take a STEM degree. There is a shortfall in students choosing education pathways in STEM subject areas, and based on current numbers of science graduates, it is projected that there will be far greater demand than supply of science professionals in the future.

These science graduates are essential as they will be needed to understand and address the problems of our planet: Global and personal health, food and water security, biosecurity, industrial and engineering advancements and environment management.

The factors keeping many students from pursuing a STEM career include high costs, family, work commitments and geographical location. These factors can all prohibit individuals from studying degrees in a traditional university setting.

Online programs, as opposed to the brick and mortar model, allow many of these individuals to study via a delivery model that is much more suitable for their situation.

At Reimagine Education 2018 we invite you to join Labster for a workshop that will guide academics and administrators through the process of building online science courses using virtual labs.

We will provide examples of US universities that have been through the process and key lessons they’ve learned.

The workshop is facilitated by Labster Educational Specialist, Samuel Butcher. The main discussion points of the workshop will be:

  • Why it makes sense to put science classes online when traditional pedagogists say it can’t be done well
  • How online labs can be used in your courses
  • What the benefits are of using virtual labs
  • What evidence exists to support the statements of these benefits
  • What the most common challenges facing instructors developing online lab courses
  • How you can overcome these
  • What to look for when choosing online labs for your courses
  • How to incorporate labs into courses to maximise learning opportunities and what structures can you use? I.e., are there pre-lab questions? Post-lab? Where in the learning process do labs fall?
  • How you can assess the impact of this teaching model

Visit this page to find out how you can join us for this workshop on November 30, 2:00-3.30 PM, and sign up to get the chance to win a VR headset.