The end of Adobe Flash Player: Will your classroom be impacted?

In December of this year Adobe Flash Player will be discontinued, leaving many teachers and faculty members without the EdTech tools they’ve come to rely on. 

EdTech tools and providers of virtual labs impacted include e.g. Late Nite Labs and PHeT Simulations—which to many science teachers have become a core part of their course curriculum.

So what can you do to find out if the EdTech tool you’re using is impacted? And how can you find a corresponding tool to meet your needs once we enter 2020?

Read on to find out, and watch our webinar below with technical expert Michael Bodekaer to learn more about your options.

How to find out if your classroom will be impacted

How do you know if your EdTech tool uses Flash? There are a few simple steps you can take to find out. 

First, find the technical requirements on the website of your EdTech provider. Look for Flash, WebGL, HTML5 or others. If the tool uses WebGL or HTML5, you will not be impacted.

If you cannot find the technical requirements, you can also test if the EdTech tool uses Flash by turning off flash in your browser. Not sure how? Watch the webinar below for guidelines.

What to consider when researching alternative solutions

If you reach the conclusion that the EdTech tool you’re using runs on Adobe Flash Player, the next step is to find an alternative solution. You should consider the following.

1. Technology Platform:

There are many types of platforms EdTech tools can run on. Some of these are here to stay, while others will expire in the near future, as new, better alternatives emerge. WebGL is an example of a platform that is safe to invest in. Labster’s virtual labs run on WebGL, and may therefore be a good alternative for you.

2. Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

Another benefit of Labster’s virtual labs, and something you should look for in any virtual lab provider, is integration with your Learning Management System (LMS). Seamless integration enables you to spend little time on implementing the virtual labs.

3. Automated Grading and Teacher Dashboards

An additional attribute you will want to look for is an advanced Teacher Dashboard or integrated grading system that will ease teacher workloads significantly. This is also something that Labster’s virtual labs offer.

There are many more features to consider when investing in virtual labs. We urge you to reach out to us and tell us about your needs to learn more about what Labster can offer.

Are you left with any unanswered questions?

Watch our webinar, hosted by Labster’s CTO and Co-founder Michael Bodekaer, to learn how you can transition your classroom away from Flash and ensure the EdTech tools you adopt are built to evolve with future innovation.

The webinar covers:

  • What types of EdTech use Flash, and how to check if the tools you use are built on it
  • What to consider when researching alternative solutions
  • A glimpse into where EdTech is heading in 2020 and beyond
  • A Q&A session, allowing you to ask any additional questions you may have

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