Updating Labster’s visual identity

We’ve updated Labster’s visual identity to more clearly highlight the company as being on the cutting edge of innovative digital learning solutions.

Labster-Logo-Compact-RGBThis new identity is a part of a bigger development in Labster, which includes a visual makeover of our website, as well as a new look and feel to our newest Labster 2.0 simulations.

Central to our new visual identity is a new logo, which consists of the Labster logotype and an abstract symbol. The symbol is an L for Labster but it can also be interpreted as a doorway, a bookend, a laptop or anything you can imagine.

Most importantly, the logo has a spatial effect, alluding to the fact that learning with Labster goes deeper, both in the sense of our virtual lab simulations being 3D, and by allowing students to dive deeper into the material. In fact, a study published in Nature Biotechnology showed that student achievement of learning outcomes doubled when using Labster in conjunction with traditional instruction.

Learn more about Labster 2.0 here, or download the Labster logo pack.

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