Watch Labster Founder and CTO Michael Bodekaer’s talk at TEDxCERN

It is with great excitement that we announce the release of Labster co-founder and CTO Michael Bodekaer’s TEDxCERN talk! It is a culmination of a lot of hard work by Michael and the entire Labster team.

The talk is about reimagining education with virtual reality. Virtual reality is no longer part of a far off future or relegated to gaming. It can be used to make science education more accessible and engaging.

Recent research has shown that education outcomes can be improved by 76 to 101 percent using virtual reality, which was on full display at TEDxCERN. In fact Harvard, MIT and Stanford are already using these same virtual lab simulations demoed on stage to improve student engagement with STEM education.

As you’ll see in the talk, Michael demoed the Labster VR labs live on stage, leaving the audience completely amazed by the possibility of these new virtual reality education simulations.

The feedback and impact that the talk has had for us already, has been overwhelmingly positive. We will now be working around the clock these coming months, to ensure we get these new cutting-edge simulations out to as many schools and universities around the world as possible.

Our work in virtual reality to the classroom was also recently rewarded with $5 million in grants to develop virtual reality laboratories for better STEM education. By providing the next generation of young scientists the most effective tools to learn, we believe they will be able to solve future challenges of the world.

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Brian Harfe
Dr. Brian Harfe
University of Florida

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