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Labster webinars are a great opportunity for you to get the latest insights from first-movers and experts, and to join the discussion and get your questions answered.

Our most recent webinar focused on the many ways that virtual labs can be used, and how educators can get the most out of Labster in their science courses.

We were joined by two professors, who, after years of experience with Labster, could tell us all about how they have used the virtual labs to their benefit, as well as their students’.

The two professors were Dr. Kambiz Hamadani from California State University in the US, and Dr. Sabine Matallana-Surget from the University of Stirling in Scotland.

About the professors:

Photo KambizDr. Kambiz Hamadani

Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University, San Marcos

Has used Labster since 2016 as a mandatory part of his course in General Biochemistry. Labster gives his students practical experience with concepts and techniques and helps solidify their understanding of course content.

Photo SabineDr. Sabine Matallana-Surget

Professor in Applied Biological Sciences at University of Stirling, Scotland.

Has used Labster since 2016 as a complimentary part of her courses in Biology and Chemistry. Labster engages her students and helps them comprehend abstract concepts in Chemistry.

Watch the recording below to learn:

  • How Dr. Hamadani and Dr. Matallana-Surget got started with Labster
  • What advantages and disadvantages of virtual labs they found as teachers and for their students
  • How Dr. Matallana-Surget got 80% of her students to complete the simulations by their own will
  • How Labster can cut resource burdens
  • What to do to engage students with Labster – and what not to do
  • How Dr. Hamadani and Dr. Matallana-Surget made sure the learning outcomes were met by their students
  • What their thoughts are on the future of VR

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