Watch Webinar: New Chemistry Simulations

We know how important it is for teachers to understand the software they are using, and be excited about how it can benefit students! So we hope that this overview of what Labster has to offer the field of academic chemistry will be of great use.

In this webinar, we dig into how our chemistry labs can enhance the learning experience of students. In addition, we offer an exciting overview of the up-and-coming chemistry simulations available at Labster, delving into the ways that they can be used to better engage students.

Over the hour, we go into detail about how our virtual chemistry labs have been created to ensure optimal learning outcomes for students. This overview is followed by a look at some examples demonstrating the activities available to students in our new visual chemistry lab setting.

This webinar is an exciting chance for you to learn about the simulations Labster is making available to chemistry students in the future, and for us to show off the hard work we have been putting in to give students the optimal learning experience.

The new simulations include:

  • Solution Preparation (April, 2019)
  • Periodic Table (July, 2019)
  • Atomic Structure (July, 2019)
  • Basic Thermodynamics (July, 2019)
  • Stoichiometry (July, 2019)
  • Matter and Phase Changes (July, 2019)

About Dr. Ainara Lopez-Cordoba:

Ainara bwDr. Ainara received a PhD in the development of a nanodosing system for “in vivo” localized application of different substances from Imperial College London.

Having gained an extensive education in chemistry, Dr. Ainara now leads the content and creation team at Labster, where she heads an international and interdisciplinary team of developers.

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