Watch Webinar: The Future of EdTech

In this webinar, a follow up to our highly popular whitepaper ‘What’s On The Horizon For EdTech in 2019?’, we open up the discussion to you.

Hosted by Michael Bodekaer, Labster CTO and Co-founder, the hour-long insight delves into the field of EdTech, and how we at Labster are getting onboard with the trends shaping the future of education.

Through showing you what is in store for the industry, this webinar offers an insight into the technology that will go towards changing the education of future students.

As part of this webinar, we gave you the opportunity to tell us your predictions for the next year in EdTech; this was a fantastic insight that we hope to include in future webinars.

About Michael Bodekaer:

Michael - Series A-1In 2011, Michael Bodekaer set out to improve the quality of science education. Believing this could be possible through the use of immersive virtual simulations, he and Mads Bonde founded Labster. Since then he has helped set up offices around the world, and has built strong relationships with leading universities including MIT, Harvard, and Imperial College.

In this webinar you can learn about:

  • The four main trends for EdTech in 2019 that we gave an extensive overview for in our whitepaper.
  • What Labster will be working on in the up-and-coming year, as well as how these projects can benefit you.
  • What those watching predicted would be in store for the future of EdTech.

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