zSpace and Labster partner

Today, zSpace and Labster announced a partnership that will give high school students access to Labster’s award winning, game-based virtual simulations on zSpace’s virtual learning platform. The simulations are set to be rolled out to hundreds of thousands of high school science students across the world this fall.

Labster provides an easily accessible way for students from all over the world to explore lab experiments in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and general sciences at their own pace in a true to life laboratory experience. The simulations can be accessed anytime, and from anywhere. Now using a zSpace computer, high school students can interact with virtual objects using a stylus and 3D tracking glasses. Labster’s content has been specifically designed to compliment its STEM curriculum and, together with zSpace, helps students gain a deeper understanding of complex scientific concepts.

zSpace enables interaction and group collaboration. Best of all, zSpace empowers students to “learn by doing” in an environment where it is easy to undo mistakes, make changes, and not worry about material costs or clean up.

“Partnering with zSpace is another big leap towards our mission of making science come to life anytime, anywhere,” said Mads Bonde, CEO, Labster. “The initial launch of content will include six simulations on zSpace, and we are looking forward to adding additional simulations over time.”

Using elements from computer gaming combined with the psychology of learning, Labster’s simulations are proven to increase both learning and student motivation.

“By partnering with Labster, high school students learning with zSpace now have access to innovative, high quality STEM learning content, anytime, anywhere ” said Paul Kellenberger, CEO, zSpace. “And because these simulations are fun, we hope this encourages students pursue careers in STEM fields.”

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